November 14,2016

Blog Entries - June 2016

Pet Stain Help

Posted on: June 1, 2016 3:00 pm
Tags: Pet stains, Carpet, Cleaning, Stain, Pets, Dogs, Cats, Urine, & deodorizer.

Do you have problem pet stain areas?  Let us give you some quick tips and tricks to help tackle your toughest problem. 

  1. One of the most important aspect to remember when trying to remove pet stains is to dab the stain and not rub.  Dabbing the spot will help to "pull" the fluid out rather than spread the stain/liquid deeper into the carpet.
  2. Another easy at home solution is to use club soda.  If this does not work you can use a one part vinegar to water solution in an empty, clean spray bottle.  Let both of these at home solutions sit for approximately 10 minutes and "dab" dry.  As always, spot check a small area of carpet to make sure it is safe for the fabric.
  3. If the at-home remedies are not successful try a pet-safe cleaner from your closest pet store. 
  4. And as always, when all else fails and you cannot remove the toughest pet stain, CALL US @ 513.770.0925!
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