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We provide full janitorial services based on the size and needs of each facility.  We offer anywhere from 3 times weekly to daily cleaning services. 

If your facility has not been cleaned properly at the start of our services, we offer an initial "impact clean" to get conditions in your building looking professional and polished.

The following are examples of typical tasks completed by our cleaning crew when servicing a facility:

  •  Dust horizontal surfaces - tables, counter tops, office furnishings, appliances, etc.
  •  Empty all trash receptacles and remove trash to a designated collection point
  •  Clean the exterior of all kitchen appliances
  •  Sweep all hard-surface floors
  •  Thoroughly mop all hard-surface floors paying close attention to the corners
  •  Vacuum all carpeted areas
  •  Dust blinds, window sills, and baseboards
  •  Disinfect door handles and light switches
  •  Thoroughly clean restrooms including the restocking of paper products and soap


Total Maintenance Solution has a thorough training program for all employees. We provide video training on the basics of office cleaning so that all of our staff is educated in the proper techniques. We then have them train in the field under the close supervision of our seasoned crew leaders so that they can get hands on knowledge of our expectations.

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Total Maintenance Solution strives to provide the latest and best training for each employee. For clients that we service in the medical or food industry, we also offer a training program in blood borne pathogens for our staff.

We understand that janitorial employees may be at risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens. OSHA has established a guideline to protect workers who, as a result of doing their job, could come in contact with blood or other potentially infectious material. We want to protect our staff by giving them the education and tools to stay safe.

We also understand the value of safety for our staff and your facility. Our employees are required to attend an annual safety training program. Our safety program is OSHA Compliant, and it meets CIMS Certification Requirements. Our training covers a wide range of topics including emergency preparedness, ladder safety, hearing protection, workplace hazards, electrical safety and much more. Upon completing the program employees are issued a Certificate of Completion.

Total Maintenance Solution is compliant with all OSHA standards. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals used by our company are kept on file and are also available at each client location. All of the chemicals have a minimum hazard rating and are safer than many over-the-counter chemicals available in local stores.

All of our employees are covered under our Ohio Worker's Compensation insurance. 


Our customers want a commitment to security and we provide that. All employees must pass a background check before they are hired. We require all employees to uniforms and ID badges whenever they are on a work site.

All employees at a particular work site are trained and oriented to the specifics of that site including alarm settings, key access and any other security measures in place.

We have a 1 million dollar insurance policy as well bond insurance for your peace of mind. 

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Total Maintenance Solutions is made up of people committed to quality. This devotion, combined with our talent and experience, is the key to our continued success. We set high standards of conduct for our employees with the emphasis on respect to each other and our clients.

Our employees are among the best in the industry because we provide solid team leadership and well established training programs and procedures. As a result our employee turnover is minimal. We know customers appreciate working with the same trustworthy cleaning supervisors and workers who are intimately familiar with their specific needs.

You will see the results of well trained, professional cleaners when Total Maintenance Solutions provides your janitorial services.